Hello! We look forward to meeting you to offer you a carefully prepared speciality coffee, tea or hot chocolate plus a delicious pastry, cake or sandwich. Tasty!

Find us in Bath, near Victoria Park = Repack Espresso, 2 Cork Place, Upper Bristol Road, Bath, BA1 3BB

Follow us on Twitter = @RepackEspresso | Facebook = facebook.com/repackespresso | Instagram = Repackespresso

photo jon at work

Jonathan making something yummy on the Kees van der Westen…

photo 4 repack open photo 2

Where the magic happens – our bar, modelling delicious cakes and sandwiches

sunny shop photophoto 3 repack open

Biking goods and energy tasties and a nicely stocked magazine bar at the back – spoil yourself!


Some lovely customers modelling the ‘barista moustaches’ from our launch event goody bags!


Repack at night – we opened our doors after hours for a latte art competition featuring Bath’s finest baristas as part of our launch event¬†too…